Washington’s insanely high E-cig tax proposal


As a customer of ours, we try to not overfill your email inbox with messages. However, we knew you would be interested in this update on a bill that may come up for a vote this week in the Washington State House of Representatives and Senate.  If enacted, this bill would impose an unwarranted 75% tax on all electronic cigarette products containing nicotine.


Even worse, an amendment has been introduced that would tax e-cigarettes by nicotine concentration. If this amendment passes, a 30 ML bottle of 2.4% liquid would taxed at an OUTRAGEOUS $57.60.  No, we’re not kidding.  It’s that bad.


Why are the legislators doing this? Some Democrats in the House want funding for education and they are willing to punish ex-smokers in the process. Republicans in the Senate, meanwhile, want funding for crony capitalism projects in East Washington.


Word on the ground, however, is that the politicians are getting scared. Several hundred vapers turned out to the Capitol Building for a rally and our voices are being heard.  The legislative session will likely end THURSDAY, so we need a BIG last-minute push of phone calls to ensure that this bill dies for 2014.




We need you to make 3 simple phone calls asking for a NO vote on the upcoming e-cigarette tax — one to each of your two State House representatives and one to your State Senator.  Find out who represents you here (select ‘Legislative’).


Your representatives need to hear true life stories about vaping from Washington residents.  As a consumer of electronic cigarettes, you know better than most that these products are NOT tobacco, are NOTHING like combustible cigarettes, and that cost and full access to them are important to you.  YOUR story must be heard by the legislators to make positive change, so make sure your voice is heard!


Also be sure to let the representatives know that the e-cigarette tax bill could represent the largest tax increase in Washington history! No politician wants to hear that, so that is exactly why we need to tell them.


Remember: An effective letter or phone call is short and to the point. Legislators receive many emails and phone calls each day. The most important thing is to respectfully communicate your opposition to e-cigarette taxes. Please help save the State of Washington!


You can also follow the situation on the Washington Vapers Advocacy Network Facebook page.

Thank you for your time and consideration.