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Christopher 05/12/14

  I just need to rave about this place so forgive the school girl excitement. I started out shopping in the store located in the B&I when I was still in the military. There was this eccentric fellow with about 15 different mods hung around his neck, I’m not making fun it’s just how I remember him, immediately made me feel comfortable and even let me know that they were military friendly. That’s a plus for me because that discount is amazing.

     The friendliness of all the staff and their willingness to help with just about anything is downright amazing. I always found myself coming back and buying… well just about anything shiny I could get my hands on. I’m now out of the military and had some terrible issues with my iTaste MVP. Connor (amazing dude who seems to work there 24/7) helped me out once again with that trademark customer service and I ended up leaving a much happier person.

Long winded-ness aside, phenomenal people at a phenomenal store selling phenomenal products will keep me coming back over and over again.


Kelly 03/31/14

I’ve been buying juice and batteries from you folks for two years this June, and can’t be more thankful for you! I smoked about two packs a day (sometimes more) for well over 30 years prior to trying this. I tried to quit many times, with gum, patches, cold turkey, and even hypnosis. I just wasn’t able to succeed. Until this. A friend of mine who was also a long term smoke had started vaping and had great success with it. She referred me to your B&I store…and I haven’t had a cigarette since the day I went and made my first purchase, nearly two years now. I had almost given up hope of ever quitting, but not smoking is now my new normal. I started out on the highest nicotine level of juice, and am now almost down to zero nicotine. The ability to gradually reduce my nicotine without feeling like I was missing anything is huge. Vaping has helped me greatly to eliminate cigarettes from my life. In fact I don’t believe now that I would have succeeded without it. Your staff has al
 ways been helpful if I have questions, and is very easy and pleasant to deal with. As far as I’m concerned you folks are a public service, and I’m incredibly thankful that you’re there!!


Chad 12/21/2013

I have never vaped before came in only knowing what I was told and I am used to smoking a pack a day bought the protank 2 with Henry assistance never touched another cigarette I love my new habit

Abby 10/12/2013

 I am just a month into vaping and I am hooked!! Can’t see any reason to continue smoking analog cigs.  I have smoked for 16 years and down to about 1-3 cigs a week.  I’d say another week from now I’ll be 100% done with analogs.  I’m feeling SO much better already!!!
  I searched the internet and stumbled upon Evergreen Vapor and found great reviews so I decided to check it out for myself.   I am happy to say the reviews were spot on.
     The staff (Rob especially) is very welcoming and helpful.  They are honest and knowledgeable about the products they sell and have helped me to find the right equipment for my vaping needs.
    I’m using a kanger protank 2 mini on a ego twist battery and I LOVE the tank.  It’s solid and easy to clean and I get lots of vapor and flavor from my juices.   I have nothing bad to say about the ego twist battery (1,000 mah) and getting about 36 hrs of life out of it in between charges.
  The juices I have purchased at EV are far better than any I have tried from online vendors.  They will let you sample as many juices as your heart desires:)  My favorites so far are Flamingo(peach/mango blend), strawberry lemonade, and juicy fruit.  Just picked up the raspberry dream and sweet berry blue and I’m sure they will not disappoint.
    Love this shop and they will have my business from here on out!!

ADMIN’S COMMENT: Thank you Abby, I’m really glad it’s working so well for you and hopefully soon you’ll never want another cigarette again. Great job working your way off the analogs too. We’re very glad you like our flavors, we take a lot of time working on our recipes to make them as close to perfect as we can. We should have a bunch of new flavors hitting the shelves soon.

Duane 8/22/2013

Had a bad heart attack a year and a half ago. 2 pack a day smoker. A security guard who I do not know told me about Evergreen Vapor. Been a loyal customer and smoke free since. There is a reason when you go to Evergreen that the line of people stretch out the door. They take time to explain everything. They go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure all of us understand the equipment, the product and how to maintain it. I am a Director of customer service for a manufacturing company. I wish I had these guys working for me. They are the best in customer service. If you walk out the door and our still confused about what you bought….. well you just did not listen. The prices and the value of what I purchase is perfect. You will not find another vendor that will give the this level of product and service. Since I have met them, all 5 of my service employees have quit smoking. My doctor’s head nurse has quit smoking. These products worked for me. Nothing else has. Great
 guys, check them out. And thank you for being there when I needed help.

ADMIN’S COMMENT: That is high praise indeed coming from a Director of customer service, I’m glad we have been able to help. A heart attack is a scary thing to think about, and it really makes us think about what we need to do.  I think it’s amazing that you have been able to get your employees and nurse to quit smoking, you may have saved their lives. Thank you very much Duane, it really makes me feel good to read your story.

Bruce 8/21/13

I knew it was finally the time to quit cigarettes after 40 years, I started at 14!  I tried the nicotine gum….didn’t work….back to cigarettes.  And I had friends on the patch and they couldn’t stand it, so not for me either.  So decided to give the e-cig vapor a try.  I was in shock and still am…..it’s been more than a month and I never got the jitters; the brain gets its’ nicotine and I have something to hold while vaping which has made the difference for me.  This is a miracle!  Give it a try and you will be a non smoker!

ADMIN’S COMMENT: Thanks Bruce, Yes it really  is like a miracle. Most of us never thought we’d be able to quit smoking until the E-cig came along. Congratulations on quitting smoking after 40 years of smoking. It’s quite an experience to quit after that long, getting your sense of smell and taste back and feeling your body recovering.  


Brittany 7/26/2013

I smoke all the time! When I found evergreen it was the best thing since sliced bread. I now live in puyallup but I still prefer to drive out of my way avoiding every other vapor shop in my area because they don’t have the customer service, selection or prices that evergreen does! I’ve now introduced my family in South Dakota to the online ordering and am excited for them to get their first e cigs! I couldn’t be happier and I don’t mind the drive to get the best around. Thanks evergreen!

ADMIN’S COMMENT: That’s great Brittany, we’re always striving for great customer service, nothing makes us happier then a happy customer. It’s lucky that you’re looking to get your family in South Dakota ready to start vaping because we just finished our online store. If there is anything we can do to help them get started just stop in and let us know. Thank you

Steven 7/22/2013

I went into Evergreen Vapor last weekend and i must say the customer service i received from a young man name Henry was very pleasant, he answered all my questions, and even help me select the correct e-cig.  i was told by a friend to check out this place, and i am extremely satisfied with everything, i will definitely be referring more friends to this place.  the only thing is, i wish there was a location in Seattle.

ADMIN’S COMMENT: We appreciate hearing that. We always want to make sure we are able to answer any questions that our customers have, and be sure they get the product that is best for their situation. I wish we could open up a store in Seattle, we have a lot of customers in that area and not many options up there. Thank you for you stopping in the store and for your comment. Enjoy your new E-cig and give us a call if you have any questions. :o)

Mark Lindsey 7/6/2013

With many thanks to a friend of mine from work and the great folks at Evergreen I have been smoke free for just  over 8 month’s after 40 years of smoking. The folks at Evergreen have been so patient with a cranky  picky old man. Have great knowledge and worked hard to get me into a device I really like. In the 8 months I have even gone from 28mg to 6 mg of nicotine. Thank you Vapor and lots of thanks to Evergreen Vapor. You have a happy customer for life.

Mark Lindsey

ADMIN’S COMMENT: Wow Mark, you really made a huge switch going from 28mg to 6mg. And it’s great that after 40 years you were able to quit smoking just like that.  Thank you for writing your testimonial, I love seeing posts like this come in.

Michelle 6/28/2013

It’s been almost a year since I quit smoking and started vaping. I was a 2 pack a day smoker. A friend introduced me to vaping and I haven’t had a cigarette since. The people at Evergreen have been more than helpful and patient with me as I found the right flavors and set up for me. I feel like I am among friends when I go to the store for supplies. They all remember my name and my flavors. I never thought I could quit smoking but since I started vaping I could never imagine smoking again.

ADMIN’S COMMENT: Thanks Michelle, I’m glad you’ve been able to quit smoking congratulations and it’s been a pleasure having you as a customer. Yes we do remember you and look forward to seeing you back in the store.

lopez’s   6/27/2013

My wife and I used to smoke a pack of smokes a day and being referred to Evergreen vapor has changed our lives! We have been smoke free for 7 months and going strong!!The selection Evergreen has is outstanding and gives a variety to choose from when we are getting bored with our current flavor of vapor. We have referred people to Evergreen vapor and have family from out of town purchasing your product!!Thank u for bring this to the Northwest and now we are living healthier lives cause of Evergreen vapor!!Also the prices are the best in the Northwest! GO VAPOR

ADMIN’S COMMENT: Wow, that’s great to hear Lopez Family. I love hearing stories like this and it’s really helpful to hear for first time vapors. I look forward to seeing you in the store soon.