Month: June 2013

Forums page is up and running.

Hey fellow vapers. Good news, the new site is only a few days  old and we already have our forum page up. Feel free to start or join any conversation.  You have the ability of using the  forums as a

Fourth Of July Notice.

Just a heads up for all of our customers. We will be closed on the 4th of July. The B&I will be closed as well so we have no access to our products so we won’t be able to ship

New Terminator tanks in.

We just got a shipment of Terminator tanks in, they deliver amazing flavor and have taken over as my favorite tank already. A little tricky if your still a little new to vaping, but for those of you who love

Customize your Juice

Like a nice menthol chill but still want a delicious flavor? No problem, we are more than happy to add a menthol chill to any of our flavors on request. We make many of our flavors ourselves which means we

New flavors and products in!!!!!

Hey guys,  just wanted to let you know we have created some new flavors. We just added an amazing new Hawaiian Punch flavor, a Razzle Berry flavor, and will soon be releasing a very special flavor called Raspberry Champagne since

Hey fellow vapers!!!!

I’m proud to announce we are finally getting our website up to date. I know it’s been pretty stale for a while, but we’re adding this cool blog feature, we will have how to videos up soon, we’ll integrate social